“After years of trying to put into practice unsuccessfully what I read in books about single hauling a few minutes with Lucy’s tuition and I had picked it up.”

Lucy is an excellent coach and communicator with an infectious enthusiasm about fishing. Since we started as complete beginners I was impressed by how much she explained and how quickly we were able to get fishing. The only thing missing was fish, and we can’t blame Lucy for that! Next time I’ll catch a monster...”

"A fantastic afternoon with the ever positive and professional Lucy Bowden. Learnt loads and look forward to putting it into practice!"

“This was my first time fly fishing but Lucy made me feel at ease straight away. I felt the session moved at a good pace and was very informative. Lucy's patient teaching was first class. I now feel a lot more confident. I am looking forward to another coaching session soon.”

“Lucy’s calm, clear and supportive teaching has improved my casting technique and confidence - I can even manage single hauling! A thoroughly enjoyable session.”

“As this was my first time fly fishing, I was a bit nervous, but was soon put at ease by Lucy. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt allot in a short time. Due to previous fishing techniques I had learnt through coarse fishing, I was a little heavy handed but after guidance and teaching from Lucy, I managed to perfect my casting, learning more than just one technique and, after a wait managed to catch two fish that put up a great fight. I think Lucy is an excellent coach and I had a great day. I can't wait to get out on the lake and catch more fish!”

“Our session was extremely informative and has given me a lot more confidence to get out there fishing on my own. I feel my casting will come on a treat now with the techniques you have patiently shown me. I will also be able to choose the fly's from the list you have recommended and have a better chance of a catch.

The venue was excellent and I will be returning there as often as possible so safe and managed very well. It puts your mind at ease and more time for fishing. I did not expect to catch anything during my session, but was pleasantly surprised to feel the Trout fighting away at the end of my rod, what a bonus! You are an excellent coach Lucy and I'm very proud and lucky to have you as my trainer. I look forward to many more sessions ahead!”

"Taking up fishing in early retirement was a great idea I now wish I'd done it sooner and reaped the benefits of a calming activity while working in a stressful job. Lucy Bowden makes it all easy with step by step coaching in a relaxed manner even if it's pouring with rain!"

"I booked a coaching session for my son Barry who has a learning disability and has never cast a fly line before and myself to see if Lucy could teach us how to cast! It was a big ask, but Lucy greeted us in the fishery car park with a friendly smile and immediately put us at ease over a cuppa.

Once tackled up, within an hour, Lucy had managed to teach Barry the basics and he was focusing on the big fish he was hoping to catch!

Throughout the lesson Lucy always had a smile, was very professional and VERY patient! At the end of our session, although the fish kept refusing our tasty offerings, we reluctantly reeled in. Look out fish we'll be back! Thanks Lucy you're a great coach!"

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